• New Company Logo

    New Company Logo

    Announcing Our New Logo and Look Big News! Today, after 11 years, were releasing an updated company logo, which includes a new logo, color and front. You will see the new look in anywhere, like our webiste, Facebook, Linkedin, B2B plateform...

  • Robot Welding

    Robot Welding

    Robot Welding Kimray Metal equipped the robot welding for GMAW with below advantages: - High efficiency for mass production - Better quality with consistent weld seam - High precision...

  • EDXRF X Ray Test

    EDXRF X Ray Test

    SEnergy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer(EDXRF) Kimray Metals OLYMPUS handheld EDXRF help us to have a quick test on the material sample to meet specific standard. In the meanwhile, the EDXRF also help us to conduct the random check o...

  • Tensile Load Test

    Tensile Load Test

    100 Tonne Destructive/Tensile Testing Machine Kimray Metal has a 4 Column Vertical Universal Testing Machine with 1000KN strength in house. The tensile load and breaking load test are the most frequent test we conduct to help us have a dire...


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