Qingdao Kimraymetal Industry Co.,Ltd, started the business on 2010. In the early days of its establishment, the company was mainly engaged in the production and export of rigging products. With the development of the company, more and more customers from different industries around the world have been contacted through the development news products from traditional rigging products to customized forgings, construction accessories, customized castings, welded parts, stamping parts, machined parts and etc..
As the diversity of products increases, testing equipment is constantly improved. Tensile machines, spectrometers, salt spray tests, anti-aging tests, hardness tests, etc., can all be completed within our company to ensure that the products meet the different needs of customers.
Our philosophy is that while optimizing traditional products, we must also continue to discover the pain points of the current products, continue to improve, and improve the functionality and cost-effectiveness of the products. Our R&D center has new tasks to develop every day to ensure the vitality of products.
With continuous efforts in the past, our products have expanded from traditional rigging to the following categories.
- Rigging Hardware
- Stainless Steel Hardware
- Railing and Posts
- Forging and Casting Part
- Welding Fabrication
- Other Customized Ferrous Metal Products
Products are widely used in industries of construction, chemical, petroleum, electric power, military, agriculture, and transportation. Products are sold all over the world, and now we have established long-term and stable cooperation with customers in 29 countries, and we believe that this number will continue to grow.
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